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Remote Learning

This page provides the first line of support for children when they are first away from school. This might be because they are self isolating.

During times of partial school closure, children who move to remote learning will simply join in with the children who are already remote learning at home. 


Remote Learning is hosted on the ClassDojo website. Please contact if you need any help in getting access to the site. Once you have access, school staff from your child's year group will be available to help you navigate the site


 Government Advice on Remote Learning


Nursery LS Lowry

The nursery staff are Mrs Morgan and Mrs Moss.



Reception William Morris (EYFS1) and Reception Sonia Boyce (EYFS2)

Staff are Mr Roberts, Miss Turner, Mrs Williams, Mrs McCandless and Mrs Brown.

Year 1

Year 1 Helen Bradley (Class 1) and Year 1 George Stubbs (Class 2).

Staff are Miss Liddle, Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Kavanagh.

Year 2

Year 2 Banksy (Class 3) and Year 2 Anthony Gormley (Class 4)

Staff are Mr Coward, Miss Youngson, Mrs Jolleys and Mrs Chalmers.

Year 3

Year 3 David Hockney (Class 5) and Year 3 Andy Goldsworthy (Class 6)

Staff are Miss Cartwright, Miss Novak, Miss Myerscough and Miss Potter

Year 4

Year 4 Bridget Riley (Class 7) and Year 4 JMW Turner (Class 8)

Staff are Miss Miranda, Mr Pitman, Miss Sampson and Miss Platt.

Year 5

Year 5 Anish Kapoor (Class 9) and Year 5 Ali Omar Ermes (Class 10)

Staff are Miss Himsworth, Miss Ingham, Miss Allford and Mr Ball.

Year 6

Year 6 John Constable (Class 11), Year 6 William Blake (Class 12) and Year 6 David Vaughan (Class 13)

Staff are Miss Alexander, Mr Pugh, Miss Crane, Miss Burrows, Miss Jacques and Miss Bowden.

Here you will find a selection of home learning activities which you can share with your children.

Initial packs are being provided for nursery children in the event of school closures which contain everything you will need to continue happy and effective learning at home in these difficult times.

The stories selected are shared on you tube so if you don't have the books at home please have a look. There are also some lovely songs and rhymes available, particular favourites are 'Learning Station' and 'Simple Songs'. Both of these are available on you tube.


Hello to all our wonderful Year 6 children and parents, and welcome to your home learning page.

In these uncertain times it is important that we spend time with our families, doing activities together. For those who would like  learning to complete there is Maths, English and Topic learning below. Please do not feel you have to complete them all: you can pick and choose which activities you would like to do and how many of them you would like to complete.

Of course, If you would like to access online learning, please log on to Sumdog, Timetable Rock Stars or Dyslexia Gold. Of course, if you do not know your login, please drop us an email. 

Reading: please can we stress the importance of reading at this time as, not only does it provide escapism, it also keeps your brain ticking over and can be a fantastic communal activity. You can access lots of free Ebooks by signing up to Tameside Library.  

Please use the class emails to keep in touch with what you are getting up to and any questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Year 6 Team
Mr Pugh, Miss Crane, Miss Jacques and Miss Bowden 

email addresses: or