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The Role of the Governor

The Governing Body of the school is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the Governors are parents. The school governors comprise of a group of individuals, who are elected, nominated or co-opted and are representative of parents and teachers, the Local Education Authority and the local community. School governors work with the Headteacher and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school. Meetings are held at least once each term and committees meet in addition to main body meetings.

If you would like to be a school governor please contact the Headteacher to find out about any vacancies and ask for a Governor’s Information Pack.

Meet Our Governors

All the governors and associate members of Ravensfield Primary School listed below have signed the Register of Personal, Pecuniary or Business Interests.

Current Governing Body

Role / TypeNameTerm Of OfficeAppointed ByPecuniary Interests
Chair (Parent Governor)Jacqueline Nelson02/12/16 until 01/12/20Governing BodyNone
Vice Chair (Parent Governor)Wayne Warburton01/12/18 until 30/11/22Governing BodyNone
Head TeacherKaren LeylandAppointed 01/09/18Governing BodyHeadteacher
Co-opted GovernorSimon Hendley13/09/19 until 12/09/23Governing BodyNone
LA GovernorMargaret Halliday27/04/16 until 26/04/20The Local AuthorityNone
Co-opted GovernorJacqueline Green27/11/18 until 26/11/22Governing BodyNone
Co-opted GovernorRuth Dawson01/09/16 until 31/08/20Governing BodyDeputy Head Teacher
Parent GovernorEmma Dixon15/02/19 until 14/02/23Governing BodyNone
Staff GovernorJodie Keary01/07/18 until 03/08/22School StaffMember of Staff
Co-opted GovernorMike Glazebrook27/11/19 until 26/11/23Governing BodyTrainer & Behaviour Specialist To School
Co-opted GovernorAngela Quirk01/09/19 until 31/08/23Governing BodyNone
Role / TypeNameTerm Of OfficeAppointed ByPecuniary Interests
Vice Chair (Co-opted Governor)Hilary Clifton01/09/16 until 31/8/19Governing BodyNone
Parent GovernorStuart Lord11/05/15 until 01/12/18Governing BodyNone
Parent GovernorLee Pollitt01/07/18 until 01/02/19Governing BodyNone
Associate GovernorDenise Evans10/10/17 until 18/06/19Governing BodyMember of Staff
Co-opted GovernorAlison Jacques01/09/15 until 31/08/19School StaffMember of Staff
Parent GovernorJohn Lukes01/12/2018 until 10/03/2020Governing BodyNone

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Use the drop down menus below to view the Attendance at meetings for each Governor Committee.

Full Governing Body Meetings

Jacqueline Nelson (Chair)AttendedAttended
Wayne Warburton (Vice Chair)Attended
Karen LeylandAttendedAttended
Margaret HallidayAttendedAttended
Angela QuirkAttendedAttended
Jacqueline GreenAttendedAttended
Ruth DawsonAttendedAttended
Emma DixonAttended
Jodie KearyAttendedAttended
Wayne WarburtonAttendedAttended
Mike GlazebrookAttended
Simon HendleyAttendedAttended

Resources Committee

Wayne Warburton (Chair)Attended
Jacqueline GreenAttended
Karen LeylandAttendedAttended
Jacqueline NelsonAttendedAttended
Emma DixonAttendedAttended
Angela QuirkAttendedAttended
Simon HendleyAttendedAttended

Standards Committee

Margaret Halliday (Chair)AttendedAttended
Karen LeylandAttendedAttended
Ruth DawsonAttendedAttended
Jacqueline NelsonAttendedAttended
Jodie KearyAttended
Mike Glazebrook

Pay Committee

Name10/09/19Date TBCDate TBC
Jacqueline NelsonAttended
Margaret HallidayAttended