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Pupil Representatives

Pupil Representatives

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School Council

The school council have meetings on most Mondays. This is a time when we come together to discuss any issues, suggestions we have been given for the school.

We have introduced a suggestion box for each key stage where any child in the school can put ideas in the box for the school council to discuss.

Find out more about the activities of the School Council on the News page.

Elections 2018-19

Elections took place in September 2018 for a place on the School Council.  A notice of elections was issued to every Key Stage One and Two Class, requesting 2 councillors be elected for each class.

Each candidate wrote a manifesto telling their class why they wanted to represent their class. Then each candidate was given time to read out their application before the vote took place.

The successful candidates and members of the 2018-19 School Council are:

Class 1 Lilly-May Oakden  & Benjamin Skyrme

Class 2 Noah Hayman & Bobbi Leigh Callaghan

Class 3 Tyler Wilby  & Brooke Barton

Class 4 Noah Kerr & Zoie Fossati

Class 5 Leah Purcell & Zara Chalmers

Class 6 Francesca Myatt & Mason Hardie

Class 7 Lena Walczyk & Lewis Johnson

Class 8 Isabelle Anderson &Lucas Chadwick

Class 9 Mia Mili & Summer Moss

Class 10 Sophie Clayton & Daiton Taylor

Class 11 Sophia Pedley & Tahlia Higgins

Class 12 Ava Lord & Grace Britner

These are some of the comments the school council have said about our school.

"Ravensfield Primary school is a happy and fun place to be. We think that it is a brilliant place to learn."

"The lessons are enjoyable and teachers make it exciting for us to learn. The lessons are fun and we are always learning something new. We love I.C.T as we get to use the computers. Maths is another great subject that we love to learn."

"Teachers at Ravensfield are kind, fair and helpful and are always coming to school with a smile. They expect us to try hard and produce lovely pieces of work. The teachers are always careful to make sure that everyone gets a turn to speak. Our caretaker makes sure that our school is clean and a pleasant place to be."

"We love our playtimes because we have a wide open space to move around. As well as that we have lots of brilliant play equipment. We can also buy healthy and nutritious snacks that are sold at our tuck-shop."

"The school council represents all the children in our school to make sure that everyone is heard. We tell the teachers what we need to learn better so that we can get a good education."

Welcome to Ravensfield!