Soaring High
  • Ravensfield Primary School
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Values & Ethos

Our Mission Statement

Learning, achieving and succeeding together. 


Our 5 School Values

We respect and care about each other, ourselves and learning.


We tell the truth. We are reflective; honest with others and ourselves.


We forgive ourselves and others for mistakes. We trust that our mistakes will not be held against us.


We respect other people, ourselves and property.


We aspire to our best. We have ambition for the future. We never give up on our dreams.



Our 6 school rules link to our 5 values. It is really important to us that all our children enjoy school and understand what is expected of them. Our school rules which can be applied in classrooms, corridors, playgrounds and when the children are out of school on educational visits. Children will be rewarded for keeping these rules. Essentially we want to create a really positive learning environment where all our children feel happy, safe and understand what to do to behave well and learn well and have a happy and successful time here at Ravensfield Primary School.

Our 6 School Rules:

  • Do work hard - do not waste your own time or other people's.
  • Do be kind and helpful - do not hurt anyone's feelings.
  • Do be gentle - do not hurt other people.
  • Do listen - do not interrupt.
  • Do be honest - do not cover up the truth.
  • Do look after property - do not waste or damage things.


Positive Reward Scheme

We feel it is important to promote the development of our children through praise and a visible recognition of the positive or `good` things that they do. This is recognised through our ‘Soaring High’ reward scheme. All certificates gained are awarded and celebrated in assembly.