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Testing for Parents


Dear parents and carers,

Yesterday a scheme was launched so that families of school aged children can access lateral flow tests.
The tests are to help people to identify themselves as having covid-19, even if they have no symptoms. It acts as an 'early warning' identifying those who may be developing symptoms prompting them to get an actual covid test then taking the appropriate action.

The tests can be accessed at the following two locations locally and appointments can be booked through the NHS App. These PCR sites are located at:
Darnton Road, Ashton
Beeley Street, Hyde

Alternatively tests can be ordered to be delivered to your home. Please follow the link here.

Should you decide to take part, you will still need to wear a mask, maintain 2m social distancing and wash or sanitise your hands regularly, even if the test result comes back negative. Should you receive a positive result, you and your household should isolate and organise for an actual covid test to be done, isolating until these results come back.

Taking part in this scheme is voluntary. If you would like more information please see this link.

Thank you