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Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance Matters

Our target for annual attendance is 97% +. Our target for punctuality is 100%.

At Ravensfield Primary all staff are committed to helping children to achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. In order for children to get the greatest possible benefits from school, good attendance and punctuality is essential. 

Encouraging excellent attendance

We work hard with children and families to ensure attendance and punctuality are excellent. The school day for reception to Year 6 starts at 8:40, and the school grounds open at 8:30. We reward the classes with 100% attendance each week as well as the highest attendance in their phase. Prizes are focused on being fun so that the classes work together in order to gain these rewards. We also have a half termly prize draw for all children with 100% or improved attendance. These children also have to have  good punctuality. We plan an end of year event to celebrate those with 100% attendance throughout the year and invite parents and children to contribute ideas to make this event exciting and rewarding.

We work with parents to ensure high attendance. When needed, our family liasion officer can support parents with attendance plans. This includes working with the Local Authority Educational Welfare Officer. Holidays in term time will not be authorised. Please see the attendance letter on the link below.

Encouraging excellent punctuality

From reception to Year 6, children can enter the school through their door between 8:40 and 8:55. Nursery children start at 8:30 and 12:30 prompt.

Any children, from any year group, arriving after their start time have to come in through the main office, providing a reason as to why they are late. It worth considering that start of the day routines are in place to ensure the start of the school day is calm and productive. All the children need this to begin their day in the right way. Also, small amounts of time add up to lots of lost learning so arriving on time is essential to progress in learning.


If your child is absent through sickness or any unavoidable cause, please could you inform the school by telephone on 0161 344 2905. The school has a ‘first day contact’ system for child absence. A member of staff will endeavour to contact parents should a child not appear for morning register and a message not received. Again, we would appreciate an early telephone call to let us know of any absences. Thank you.


School finishes at 3:15 for reception to Year 6 and 3:30 for the afternoon/wrap around nursery. Prompt collection is expected. Any changes need to be phoned through to the office with plenty of notice. If children are not collected on time this may become a child welfare concern which we causes us to take further action.

After school care on site is available only by prior arrangement with Ravensfield School Club.