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School Closure

While the school is closed this website takes on a whole new importance as a place to share information from school to home. 

School Work

The 'School Work' page is where the resources for the children are. Each year group has its own dedicated resources which are changed regularly. Please make use of the links for class emails, which will be checked regularly during the term-time.There is also a larger collection of links at the bottom of the page for the whole. 

E Safety

During the school closure, your child may spend more time online than usual. Please take the time to read the following information and keep your child feeling safe and secure.

As you may be aware, children can access a range of social media and apps. It is important to remember that social media has age restrictions and that software developers are constantly changing and updating their apps.

If your child has a social media account, please follow the guidance on the age restrictions. Please also make sure that the privacy settings are high and you know who children are in contact or friends with. Please report anything that you find and talk to your children about how to keep themselves safe online – particularly talking to people they don’t know.


The Thrive Approach has been developed over many years to support children’s emotional and social development and help them feel happy and secure, able to enjoy friendships, relate well to others and be ready and able to learn.

Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive. Schools and families can use these relationships, together with play and creative activities, to give children key experiences at each different stage of their development. Repetition of these activities supports their development too, helping them to:

• feel good about themselves and know that they matter

• increase their sense of security and trust

• increase their emotional well-being

• improve their capacity to be creative and curious

• increase their self-esteem and con­fidence

• learn to recognise and regulate their feelings

• learn to think before behaving in a certain way

With all the uncertainty and changes around at present, we will be putting activities and resources into this section weekly. They are all activities you can do at home regardless of the age of your children. They are designed to help you play, explore, relax and enjoy each other's company.