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Are you listening, boy? What is 27 plus 45? Come on – faster now, we haven’t got all day!

Find out about super-strict schools by travelling back in time to a Victorian classroom. Make sure you’re on your best behaviour though as punishments are unquestionably terrible!

Discover a time when great minds though new thoughts and ingenious inventors created so many things we take for granted today: the electric lightbulb, the telephone and even the first flushing loo!

Let’s forge ahead to research a time when Victoria was Queen and Albert was Prince Consort and when some people lived in slums while others prospered.

Take on the role of an important reformer and present your good causes to the Queen. Can you gain the support of a wealthy sponsor?

Full steam ahead to the Victorian age!


Our topic for the Spring term is 'Revolution'. In this topic, the children will learn all about life in the Victorian era. They will discover who Queen Victoria was; what inventions were developed and what it would have been like going to school in this period in history.

Revolution Curriculum Overview

Our Class Novel - a storyline of poverty and despair...

Our Class Novel - a storyline of poverty and despair... 1

Berlie Doherty

Berlie Doherty 1

Berlie Doherty is an English novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter. She is best known for children's books, for which she has twice won the Carnegie Medalfor both Granny Was a Buffer Girl and Dear Nobody; and the Writers’ Guild Award for both Daughter of the Sea and the theatre version of Dear Nobody.. She has also written novels for adults, plays for theatre and radio, television series and libretti for children's opera. Her books have been translated into over 20 languages!


She was born on the 06 Nov 1943 in Liverpool and was the youngest of three children.  Her father was also a keen writer and she 'followed suit' from a young age.  Berlie married Alan Brown who was also a childrens writer and has 2 children. Her two daughters have both worked in collaboration with her: Janna Doherty illustrated Walking on Air[1and Tilly Mint and the Dodo;[Sally set Midnight Man[and Daughter of the Sea to music.

Frozen Kingdom


Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Frozen Kingdom'. In this topic the children will learn all about the Arcic and Antarctica as well as the animals that live there; explorers from the past; the amazing Titanic and the spectacular Northern Lights. Read below to find out the overview of the topic. The newsletter is available on this page which states the key areas of learning that will be taught as well as the key words for this topic.

Frozen Kingdom

Welcome to the planet’s coldest lands…vast wilds, hostile territories, incredibly beautiful yet often deadly. Take shelter from the elements or fall prey to icy winds and deepest chill. Trek bravely and valiantly across treacherous terrain to the ends of the Earth, treading deep in snow or pulled by a team of mighty sled dogs.

Be alert, for magnificent mammals roam these lands, sometimes hungry or fresh for a fight.

Perhaps a hungry polar bear or an arctic fox; hunting rodents as swift as the wind!

Research facts and figures of climate, temperature, habitats and eco-systems and compose evocative poems about the Northern Lights.

Become part of an Antarctic rescue team, braving the elements to rescue terrified passengers from a ship struck by a deadly berg that hides deep beneath the Antarctic Ocean.

So wrap up everyone and settle by the fire. I’m just going outside and may be some time…

Our class book - Autumn 2. They open a door and enter a world...

Our class book - Autumn 2. They open a door and enter a world... 1

C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis 1

C.S. Lewis


Date of Birth: 29th November 1898, Belfast


Date of Death: 22nd November 1963, Oxford


Full name: Clive Staples Lewis however he was known to his friends and family as Jack.


His Childhood: As a child, he loved the books of Beatrix Potter and he often wrote and illustrated his own animal stories.


Personal life: He married Joy Gresham, an American English Teacher in 1957.


Life in the army: C. S. Lewis fought in the trenches in the Somme Valley in France during World War 1. He was wounded in April 1918 and returned to Britain.


His Career: He studied at Oxford University where he focused on literature and classic philosophy. For most of his life, he worked as an English Professor, teaching students at Oxford and Cambridge.


What is he famous for? He is most famous for writing a series of children’s stories about the fantasy world of Narnia. Lewis wrote serious books for adults too, about literature and religion, and science fiction stories.


The Chronicles of Narnia: During the 1940s, Lewis began writing the seven books that would comprise The Chronicles of Narnia children's series, with The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (1950) being the first release. The Narnia books have been translated into more than 45 languages. You can enjoy the adventures in films and on TV too!

RE week


We have been learning about sacred places and comparing Islam and Christianity. Our question for the week was. 'Is is better to express religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?'


We also found out about Christian and Muslim charities. Click on the links below to find out more.




Hola Mexico


Our topic for Autumn 1 was 'Hola Mexico'. We found out about Mexican festivals, the Mayan Civilization, Mexican cuisine and the geography of the country. All of our writing throughout the half term was based around the topic and we wrote: postcards, invitations, stories, instructions and poetry.

Here are some useful wesbites to give you more information on the topic.

Look at the pictures below to see our curriculum journey in Autumn 1. We loved our topic all about Mexico and our poem about this topic even won us 1st place in our choral speaking competition!
Picture 1

Hola Mexico Topic Overview

Topic words


Children are expected to learn the spelling and meaning of the following words and use them in their writing. They link to out topic 'Hola Mexico'.



Mexican flag









Mariachi band

Day of the dead

Maya glyphs

Maya temple

Maya stelae

Maya deity



Chihuahuan Desert



Chichen Itza



El Castillo



Class book


Our class book in Autumn 1 was 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. Here is the blurb:

Stanley Yelnats, a boy who has bad luck due to a curse placed on his great- great-grandfather, is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, for a crime he did not commit. Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day. Stanley eventually realizes that they are digging these holes because the Warden is searching for something. As Stanley continues to dig holes and meet the other boys at the camp, the narrator intertwines three separate stories to reveal why Stanley's family has a curse and what the Warden is looking for.

Picture 1
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