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All year 3 children have to learn the meanings and the spellings of the following word list below.

By the end of the year your child should be able to spell each word, explain what each word means and be able to produce Y3 standard sentences containing each of the words. Children will need to be able to spell aloud using capital letter names.

Children will complete a weekly spelling test. Spellings will be given to children as part of their homework and some time in the school week will be dedicated to learning new spelling rules and patterns. The lists for the year can be found in the document below.

Topic words

The table below shows the key vocabulary that we will be using throughout the topic. Children need to understand the meaning, be able to spell them and also use each of the words in their writing. We will be practicing these spellings in class and they will also make up part of our weekly homework.


  • Greeks

  • Greek Empire

  • Alphabet

  • Vase

  • Empire

  • Plato

  • Slave

  • Helmet

  • Hoplite

  • Coins

  • Phalanx

  • Soldier

  • Shield

  • Fibulas

  • Tunic

  • Column

  • Alexander the Great

  • Archaic

  • Classical

  • Roman