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All year 2 children have to learn the meanings and the spellings of the following word list below.

By the end of the year your child should be able to spell each word, explain what each word means and be able to produce Y2 standard sentences containing each of the words. Children will need to be able to spell aloud using capital letter names.We will be practicing these spellings in class and they will make up part of our weekly homework too. 


find   cold   every    knee   pretty   fast  climb   father   beautiful   again  eyes   babies   magic    pencil   runny   donkey   fiction    village   playful   tunnel   old   kind   most  only   both   won   hour   improve   change  parents   path   replies   sugar   metal   blew   shiny   wrapped   section   happiness  enjoyment


Below are a variety of ways to help you child learn their spellings:

Ways to practice spelling

What words should they know by the end of Year 2?

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