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School Meals

School Meals

In September 2015 the school took over the school catering. The meals offered are nutritious and fresh produce is used. Every 4 weeks a new menu is sent out to parents asking you to fill in which meal your child requires.

As we are doing our own catering we have been able to keep meals at £2.20 per meal which should be paid online using SchoolMoney.

Two weeks notice must be given if you wish your child to change their dinner arrangements. If you fail to notify us, you may have to pay for any dinner ordered.

If you think your child is eligible for free school meals, please contact the school office.

Bringing food to school

Children who do not have a school meal may either go home for lunch or bring a packed lunch. Please ensure that packed lunches are brought to school in a secure container labelled with your child’s name.

Water is available, but you may like to supply a drink. We prefer drinks to be supplied in plastic flasks or bottles or other safe containers. In the interest of health and safety, we would ask that children do not bring cans or glass bottles. They should not bring fizzy drinks or sweets.

If your child forgets his or her packed lunch we will try and contact you. If we are unable to do so we will happily supply a school lunch and ask you to reimburse us later.

You may like your child to have a midmorning snack. We welcome fruit and vegetables, but we ask you not to send your child with sweets, chocolate or crisps.  
Chewing gum is not allowed in school.

A tuck shop selling healthy snacks to children in KS2 is open every day. 
Please respect our policy on healthy eating and dental care!

KS1 are provided with free fruit every day.


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