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Playground Buddies elections

Pupils at Ravensfield Primary School voted on Thursday for their new Playground Buddies. Candidates had to apply for the positions and then make their cases before the electorate in person.

Then Years 1-6 went to the Polling Station (the Library) to cast their votes. Returning Officer, Mrs Plackett, had her team of School Councillors hard at work all day to ensure that procedures were followed and that everyone had a voice.Counting was overseen by Commando Jo to ensure all votes were valid.


The Results Are In!

Year 2

Summer Neal, Alfie Baker, Jessica Moss, Evie Robinson, Joshua Rooney, Kenzie Seabright, Madison Monks, Kimberley Kennedy, Ben Beard, Tahlia Higgins

Year 3

Tegan Reid, Lacey Thornton, Oliver Clarke, Keira Thompson, Harley Walsh, Ellie Fawcett, Mischa Hardy, Ben Wain

Flora Baptista, Alicia Gorton

Year 4 

Thomas Humber, Olivia Hinchliffe, Paige Sanders, Rachel Donald, Olivia Hark, Ellis Knight, Grace Evans, Caelia Higgins, Eleanor Schofield, Abby Rhodes

Year 5

Abbie Shakeshaft, Samantha Cassidy, Rebecca Hamnett, Chloe Anastasiou, Eve Peters, Destiny Coleman, Paige Clayton, Adelaide Fitton, Amy Fitzpatrick, Holly Clayton


Congratulations to all who stood for election in this closely fought contest.

  • Ravensfield Primary School
  • Clarendon Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire, SK16 4JG