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Overall Effectiveness Committee's Term of Reference


The committee will consist of the number of governors chosen by the full governing body. The Headteacher (or representative) will be a member of the committee. The committee will elect a chair at the autumn term meeting. Associate governors may be serve on the committee but will not have voting rights. The quorum shall be one half of the membership of the committee, rounded up to the nearest whole number.


To ensure safeguarding and child protection policies are in place and monitored

To monitor implementation of the Prevent Strategy

To ensure that the school promotes equal opportunity and tackles discrimination

To ensure that the school promotes community cohesion and British values

To consider arrangements for pupil welfare (including Young Carers, CLA)

To be responsible for the performance management policies for teachers and support staff

To ensure there is high quality teaching & learning across all year groups

To advise the Governing Body on its statutory obligations under the National Curriculum

To ensure effective subject leadership and consider reports on how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced

To review the policy and provision for Collective Worship, and for Religious Education, and make appropriate recommendations

To monitor provision for the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of pupils

To review the policy and provision for Sex Education and make appropriate recommendations

To monitor the use and impact of Pupil Premium

To ensure that the views of parents/carers are considered

To ensure policies are in place to improve behaviour ensuring all pupils feel safe in the school community

To monitor the behaviour policy including incident logs, rate and pattern of exclusion, rewards and sanctions

To ensure the school provides a supportive environment for all pupils through care, guidance and support

To ensure that the views of pupils are considered, eg Pupil Voice

To ensure that the school has effective mechanisms in place to ensure good attendance

To ensure that buildings and the learning environment are well maintained and fit for purpose

To support the Headteacher in undertaking onsite health and safety inspections and in identifying priorities for repair and maintenance

To regularly review security and the safe use of school grounds, including traffic management

To ensure procedures are in place in the school to meet all health and safety legislation

To consider and review the effectiveness of the governing body

To agree further strategies for improvement in consultation with the Headteacher to incorporate in the School Improvement Plan

  • Ravensfield Primary School
  • Clarendon Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire, SK16 4JG