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Olympic Torch

It was a great surprise and treat for the whole school on Monday 4th October when Mrs Allford brought the Olympic Torch into each classroom in school.  Emerson’s dad had been involved in a project in which the Torch had been used.  He brought the torch into school in its special security box and allowed all the children to look and touch the torch. 


The torch was made from a special golden aluminium alloy weighing 800grms .  The metal had been punctured with 8,000 little holes which represented the 8,000 people that would carry it on its journey to London.  The Olympic symbol was welded on one side of the torch.  


The torch will be carried throughout United Kingdom by up to 8,000 people some will be celebrities and others will have been nominated for the honour. It will take 70 days for the torch to reach its destination, starting on 19th May and finally arriving on 27th July.   Zara Phillips and David Beckham have been named as two of the celebrities that will carry the torch.  One child was selected from each class to have their photograph taken holding the Torch.   Children were selected who had demonstrated this term, excellence, friendship and respect for others.  


We are looking forward to the start of the Olympics and are working on some projects in school. 

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