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Michael Morpurgo. Click to investigate this author.

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Michael Morpurgo is a fantastic children's author!  Our box of library books has been delivered and is available for children to read during their free reading time.  In class we are listening to an audio version of Private Peaceful in class.  The link is below, why don't you listen at home and find out what happens to Tommo and the rest of the characters.


We have read 'The Butterfly Lion' in class and the children (and myself) went through a range of emotion from elation to disappointment to grief. 

The video below is a short You Tube video of Michael Morpurgo reading the first chapter of 'The Butterfly Lion'.  In the beginning he talks about how his own experiences inspired the setting and initial ideas for the story.  This, is what makes Morpurgo so fun for children to read.  Children can see themselves in his stories and feel everything the characters feel. 

Using own experiences is a great way for children to begin writing! 

In his book, he used words that are carefully chosen like 'betrothed'.  Use a dictionary to find out what this word means...and any others you're not sure of!





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