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Medical Issues

Emergency Contact  Information
You are asked to complete a contact form giving details of your child. Please ensure that your contact details are correct, and that the school is told about any health matters, especially allergies, relating to your child. 
Please ensure if your child uses an inhaler a spare current inhaler remains in school for your childs use if needed.


It is essential that you keep us updated of any change in circumstances regarding contact numbers. If we are unable to contact you the Head or Deputy will assume parental responsibility and will act, as any caring parent would do under the circumstances. If you do not wish the Head or Deputy to take this responsibility, please inform the school.


Head Lice
Head Lice can be a real problem in schools. Cases of head Lice should be reported to the class teacher. Advice on treatment is available from the school office if necessary. Please note that the School is not responsible for treatment. The Health Authority clearly places responsibility with parents. However, we do endeavour to keep parents / carers informed if there is an outbreak.


Returning to school after illness

Children returning to school after illness should clearly be fit to do so and free from infection.

Children should be fit to participate in all school activities including outdoor games and playtime. Injury, asthma, respiratory complaints or circulation difficulties are of course exceptions. If in doubt the school is happy to advise.


First Aid

Simple first aid is given at school when necessary. If an accident needs hospital attention we will make every effort to contact you first.

Please ensure information from you is up-to-date so that you can be contacted. There are several first-aiders in school including trained paediatric First aiders.


No medicine should be sent in with a child. We do not normally administer medicines to children, except in very exceptional circumstances, by prior arrangement with the Headteacher. We only administer medicine prescribed by a doctor.


All medicines should be brought by parents in a container clearly marked with the name of the child and any instructions. You need to complete a medicine form, detailing when the medicine should be taken. Medicine will be administered when required but we can take no responsibility for ensuring that a child takes medicine at a particular time. We do not allow children to have throat lozenges etc. unless a doctor has prescribed them.


All children who need to use inhalers will be encouraged to keep them on their person at all times. Please could parents ensure that they are clearly marked.


Usually a child requiring medicine should be at home until the condition has cleared. In the case of children with, for example, asthma, diabetes etc. we will do all we can to support them.

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