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Applying our work on thinking blocks to solving and recording our thinking when working on tricky problems.

Solving problems with fractions is tricky. We built models to show our understanding then used thinking blocks to see an image of the problem.

Using the bar model to find fractions of word problems

For the next few weeks, our work is all about fractions (eventually moving onto decimals and percentages).  This week we have looked at what a fraction is and how to find a fraction of an amount.

The children can all use equipment (cubes/counters) to do this and many have moved onto using the bar model and even visualising the fraction and writing the calculations needed.  See some of the wonderful work below to help you understand how to find a fraction of a number.  James, Sophie, Jodee, Olivia and Rachel have made a video to show this concept.

How to find a fraction of a number

How many of these problems can you solve using your knowledge of fractions...come and see me if you solve one!!!

listen to Sophie and James explain how to find a fraction of a number

Still image for this video

Fractions of shapes

Still image for this video
Listen to Jodee, Rachel and Olivia explain how they find fractions of shapes and so,ve problems with this knowledge.
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