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Inclusion and Accessibility

Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

The staff at Ravensfield recognises that every child, at some time, may have special needs. Every effort is made to cater for these individuals’ needs within the classroom by providing a programme of work designed to meet the specific needs of the individual pupil. Advice and support may be sought from the Educational Psychologist and other agencies, where appropriate, but always in consultation with parents.

 The school has a policy for supporting children with Special Educational Needs, which is revised every year. This is in line with the LA’s policy for meeting Special Educational Needs and the Code of Practice is in line with current legislation. The policy is available from the school office. Our aim is for all children to have access to all aspects of school life, as far as is reasonable and practicable. 

If a child is at Action or Action Plus of the Code of Practice, regular review meetings are held with the parents to discuss the child’s progress and form an Individual Education Plan or IEP.

Our Special Needs Coordinator is happy to speak to you about general issues related to special needs if the class teacher cannot answer your questions.

Inclusion – Accessibility

The new school building has been designed to meet the needs of all pupils, providing disabled parking spaces, toilet facilities, a shower, wide corridors and easy access to all schoolrooms.

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