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English Leaflet that goes out to parents

Sharing our Inventive Greek Myth Stories

Class 5 have planned and written their own Greek Myth stories and published them in their own little books. The children read their stories with Class 11 Year 6 children.

Talk Partners

The children have a talk partner to discuss their work with. They read aloud what they have written and have each other check it for spellings, punctuation and if it makes sense. They use blue crayons to underline for improvement.

For example they use pink crayons to underline WOW words,  sentences that could include conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs, verbs, nouns, adverbial phrases.

Class 5 and 6 have shared their stories with each other in the school hall. First they read each others stories, then they make a positive comment about the writing and another comment about what could be improved for next time.
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