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E-Safety curriculum

Ravensfield E-Safety Curriculum Overview

As part of our curriculum we teach our children the importance of e-safety and how to stay safe online.

Below is the whole school overview and along with links to each year groups curriculum.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Developing online safety guidelines

Social and emotional wellbeing and developing resilience

Responsible internet use

Keeping information safe

Digital citizenship

Playing games and having fun

Year 1

We are Year 1 rule writers

Creating rules that help us stay safe online

We are kind and thoughtful

Understanding the impact of our behaviour on others

We are responsible internet and device users

Remembering to take time out from technology

We are information protectors

Understanding what is meant by personal information

We are good digital citizens

Finding out what it means to be a good digital citizen

 We are responsible gamers

Learning how to stay safe when playing online games

Year 2

We are Year 2 rule writers

Reviewing and editing our online safety guidelines


 We are not online bullies

Creating a strong message against online bullying


We are safe searchers

Learning how to use search engines safely


We are code masters

Generating strong passwords and keeping them safe


We are online behaviour experts

Solving online safety problems


We are game raters

Understanding and applying the PEGI rating system for games


Year 3

We are Year 3 rule writers

Reviewing and editing our online safety rules


We are digital friends

Developing an awareness of online bullying


We are internet detectives

Assessing the trustworthiness of websites


We are aware of our digital footprint

Understanding the digital trails we leave behind


We are netiquette experts

Practising good netiquette


 We are avatar creators

Who do we really know online?


Year 4

We are Year 4 rule writers

Reviewing and editing our online safety rules.

 We are standing up to peer pressure

Dealing positively with peer pressure


 We are aware that our online content lasts forever

Getting the message: pre- and post-internet


We are online risk managers

Understanding risk and prevention of information loss


We are respectful of digital rights and responsibilities

Understanding and respecting digital rights and responsibilities

We are careful when talking to virtual friends

Virtual friendship vs real friendship; who we can trust


Year 5

We are Year 5 rule writers

Reviewing and editing our online safety rules

We are responsible for our online actions

Understanding the impact of online behaviour

We are content evaluators

Understanding advertising and endorsements online

We are protecting our online reputation

Developing strategies to protect our future selves

We are respectful of copyright

Understanding and applying copyright laws

We are game changers

Understanding how games developers make money


Year 6

We are online safety ambassadors

Reviewing and editing our online safety rules

We will not share inappropriate images

Inappropriate use of technology and the internet

We are safe social networkers

Understanding that internet safety skills must always be switched on


We are respectful of others

Respecting the personal information and privacy of others


We are online safety problem solvers

Using our skills to resolve unfamiliar situations


We are safe gaming experts

Creating and delivering advice on safe online gaming



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