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Science - how well can we grow plants?

Father's Day - Making rockets

Tameside Rocks - Can you find ours?

RSPB and the Ravensfield Bioblitz

Investigate: Snails and Butterflies

Design: making a fortress for the Three Little Pigs

Science: A fair test - Which biscuit makes the strongest bridge?

Designing sturdy structures

Investigating 3D shapes

Investigating Dukinfield

Investigating structures

Remembrance Day 2017

Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically 1 Add the contents
Working Scientifically 2 Observe closely
Working Scientifically 3 What is happening? Why?

How much weight can a boat hold before it sinks?

Explore maths, programming and geography

Pirate day - with extra technology

Pirate day - with extra technology 1
Pirate day - with extra technology 2

Pirate Day - what shape of boat floats?

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