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Investigating butterflies

Bug hunt in school to launch our new topic 'Wiggle and Crawl'

Building Bridges

We used spaghetti and marshmallows to build a bridge across two tables. We had to work in a team and think about what shapes would make the strongest bridges. The spaghetti was delicate and we had to be gentle when handling it.

Building Towers

We worked hard in teams to build a tower using newspaper and cellotape. It was not easy as we had to think about the structure and the best way to stick them together. Each group wanted to make the tallest tower.

Lego Workshop

We had an amazing time learning how to build a castle using lego. We learnt the name for the different parts of the tower and also how to make a strong structure.

Clay Monuments

We designed, drew and then made our own clay monuments. We had to think about what is great about Dukinfield and then try and make a model using clay that shows this. Many of us said Dukinfield was a huge family, a place that encourages learning and a place with wildlife. We enjoyed working with clay.

Model Making

We have had fun junk modelling. We have researched buildings in and around Dukinfield and then we have worked in groups to make mini models of these buildings. We enjoyed painting then!

Sharing our learning

We invited parents in to see all our work from our topic 'Land Ahoy'. We shared our books, the presentations we created using the iPads. Everyone was really impressed!


We have been learning about recycling and discussing why it is important to recycle. We enjoyed sorting Miss Borrell's and Miss Potter's rubbish.


We have been programming the Beebots to follow a path we designed using tape. We had to use our maths skills and coding skills. We planned the routes, tried them out and then debugged them.

Remembrance Day 2017

Float or Sink

We used Plasticine to make small boats. We had to think about the shape and weight. It was tricky to make a boat that floated. We found that a bowl shaped boat floated best.

Pirate Day in Class 3

We had so much fun during 'Talk like a Pirate' day. We learnt some useful pirate phrases and used them to play games. We used Green Screen technology to create some fun pictures and we also learnt all about the Pirate Code. It was great fun!

Investigating Materials

We have been looking at different materials and testing to see if the float or sink. We had to make predictions and then we tested each material.

Celebrating 10 years of Ravensfield

Working on making numbers up to 100 in Maths

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