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Investigating fractions

The children found out about the history of chocolate. They also tasted some Maya hot chocolate which had added spice!

We researched Maya city states.

The children in Class 12 became experts in a different aspect of Maya history. They researched their area and created a poster which they presented to the class.

As a one off day, we studied the Suffragetes and made up our own minds as to whether they were successful. Some of the children were quite surprised at how life has changed for women in the past 100 years and the fight that women have had to have equal rights as men!

We used practical equipment to show our understanding of addition and subtraction

We have been working on identifying different kinds of nouns. Can you remember the different types we discussed and give an example of each?

We have been tasting and evaluating Mexican drinks such as Limonade and Aguascalientes Fresca.

We practised our measuring skills and read lots of scales

We designed and made our own Mexican mocktails. Miss Leyland and Miss Dawson came to taste them and pick a winner!

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