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Parents and children can expect that at Ravensfield we will encourage a positive attitude to learning in an environment free of disruption. This involves the development of self-respect, respect for others, respect for the environment and respect for property. Children’s efforts are recognised and rewarded and we have a series of varying rewards, which we use throughout school.


Children can expect to be given the opportunity to choose how to behave and that the consequences of their actions should be clear to them and to their parents.


Matters of discipline are dealt with initially by the class teacher or the 'on duty' member of staff. When a situation demands it, the Headteacher takes responsibility for disciplinary measures.


At all times children are encouraged to consider and be responsible for their own actions. Our aim is to make children more aware of the necessity for self-discipline, self-awareness and self-control.


In case of a serious breakdown of conduct, the Headteacher always seeks to discuss incidents with parents and shares her concerns.


The school has a Positive Behaviour Policy, which is reviewed annually. As parents/carers, and in line with our Parents in Partnership principle, you will be asked to contribute to this policy and comment on its content during periods of review.


All members of the school team, Governors, parents/carers, staff and pupils are expected to implement and abide by the Code of Conduct in the Behaviour Policy. We believe that adults are role models for behaviour in our school.

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